For over 100 years, Larson Forgings has been instrumental in the success and growth of leading corporations that made history in global commerce and industry. We have the prestigious honor of reaching nearly every national and international trade with quality forged steel that founder, Charles E. Larson, began hammering out of his blacksmith shop in 1895, soon after he immigrated to Chicago.

Today, Charles Larson’s vision has grown into a 100,000-square-foot manufacturing and warehousing complex that serves businesses, such as aircraft engine manufacturers, oil patch suppliers, petrochemical corporations and power-generation companies. Various military branches, aerospace engineers and nuclear markets look to Larson Forgings as their metal processing resource.

Larson Forgings remains a family-owned enterprise and we have not lost sight of our original values and traditions, which are pride in workmanship, integrity, quality, and service. We continue to build national and global businesses by “Shaping the Needs of Industry Worldwide.”

As the premier manufacturer of open die and seamless rolled ring forgings, Larson Forgings offers a wide range of forged parts, including:
Steel hubs, rings and blocks
Round and square bars, disks and shafts
Various materials
– aluminum, copper, carbon, alloy, stainless steels, titanium
and high temperature alloys

Whether your business needs parts that weigh one pound or one ton, we have the capability to produce high quality pieces to your unique specifications.

Our streamlined production process moves your job from
blueprint to finished product efficiently and economically. Metal forming, preliminary finishing and computer-controlled testing are backed by our versatile support system that includes materials preparation and complete heat-treating facilities. Our unparalleled capacity affords flexibility in meeting or exceeding production lead times.

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Charles E. Larson and Sons, a manufacturer of open die and seamless rolled ring forgings, is committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed our customer requirements. As a team, we will focus our efforts on continuing to improve all levels of service to our customers as measured against our corporate goals.



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Larson Forgings has helped build the proud companies that serve as the core of American industry for over a century. Among them: aircraft engine manufacturers, oil patch suppliers, petrochemical corporations, and power-generation companies, to name a few.
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